I’ll need to get back online to edit this later, but wanted to post about our two visits yesterday while heading south toward Asheville.

Queen City Brewing – a microbrewery, brew-your-own and vint-your-own site in the very sweet city of Staunton, VA!  Wade makes all of the beers for sale, and we were able to have samples of three each.  It was a really great building with lots of “your own” activity going on, and a bottle shop in the front.  Hopefully I have time to post more about what we enjoyed there at a later time.

Foothills Brewing – Winston-Salem is a lucky place to have a brew pub with such amazing beers and fabulous people to serve it up.  We had a wonderful dinner, really (really!) enjoyed 6 oz samples and a few full glasses of terrific beers (to be named and described later!!), and we really appreciated the time Che and Ben took to talk to us, even after their shifts ended.

Back on the road…updates forthcoming!


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