Asheville Pizza & Brewing Co. (Asheville, NC)

We arrived in Asheville just in time to enjoy lunch at Asheville Pizza & Brewing Company (ABC.)  What a funky façade, which continued straight to the interior.  This brewpub includes a theatre (showing Eragon this week!) and game room, as well as lots of fun little things to see and experience inside (some of my favorites…we sat in the “Ancient & Dreamy” silo (a turret with a mystical castle look to it; there was also a library silo), fun tiles and paintings everywhere, collage art, cup holders in the restroom stalls, restrooms designated as “indoor plumbing”, and one of my favorite features was the sign at the door to seat yourself that designated the non-smoking section as any direction.

We sat at the William Shatner table, and quickly noticed that EVERYONE was at the ABC for their lunch buffet (and probably the good beer, too!)  The bar featured 6 or 9 different types of pizza, two soups (I loved the vegetarian chili), a very nice salad bar with mixed baby greens, feta cheese, and lots of other fresh ingredients. It also had a dessert section with ice cream and a signature chocolate cake that went so very well with the stout.

We had pints of three of the eight beers (Red Light IPA was not available, and we didn’t try the Houdini ESP, Rook Porter, Scottish Ale and Looking Glass):

+ Shiva IPA – this had a nice hop flavor with nothing overpowering; it’s apparently the only thing our waiter drinks (and he said 2 out of the 3 brewers drink this exclusively.) 

+ Scout Stout – nice, roasty and dark with a rich flavor; I liked it from the first sip, but I especially enjoyed with the chocolate cake!

+ Roland’s ESB – this had great head retention, and was creamy and smooth.

In addition to the other beers made at ABC, there were a few guest taps available.  I tried not to look to goofy walking around checking out the amazing décor and taking snapshots, but there is just so much character to this place that I wanted to soak it all in.


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