Southbound Beer Traveling

I’ve been busy, busy, busy with work and volunteer obligations, but more recently, trying to shovel out from the great big dumping of snow and ice. The frozen precipitation over several inches of snow, then dusted lightly on top, made great conditions for walking trails and sledding. The crust is so thick, my 200 pound friend can’t stomp her foot through the crust, so you can imagine that it makes a good surface for walking and playing ball with the dog.  But it’s cold, and the roads are terrible.

Where the ice is off the roads, layers of the chunk just line the streets and highways. Ice-ruts continue to appear on major roadways and they scrape the bottom of the car. There isn’t much parking at all in the city. This one was really like a cement storm, and shoveling it was like moving rocks.

I will be very glad to be in North Carolina later this week – away from our snow and ice (even if they have it there, it’s okay with me…just so I don’t have to shovel it!)

Beer traveling to the Asheville area is something we’ve talked about for a few years. D says the greater Asheville area has more brewpubs per capita than Portland or Seattle (I haven’t checked that fact!) And he’s done a great job of making contacts – we’ll actually have beer people to meet when we get there!

Tony Kiss – The Beer Guy: I’ve been listening to his podcasts for about 9 months now, and while they are always regionally based, he’s always discovering new and interesting people, places and, naturally, beers. Tony is the Entertainment Editor at Citizen-Times.

Mark and Jean:  Mark maintains this Asheville Pub Crawl website, and interestingly, he’s a librarian and a hiker/backpacker…who does that sound like??

Jason and Julie at Bruisin’ Ales: self-described as “Owners / Operators / beerlanthropists”, and met while going to school in Pennsylvania.

Additionally, he found a great winter get-away package, so we get a terrific room at a great price (and I was considering the hostel!), and it includes a bottle of wine from Biltmore Estates (which we will also tour) and tickets to the theater.

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