Two Brews and a Tasting

So, about a month ago (Sunday, January 14), while I was still recovering, we got together for the first brews of 2007.  And this time, we went for an ambitious two in one night!

Two Turkey Cookers; No TurkeyWith five of us, and two turkey cookers, the initial making went really well.  I feel badly that it’s all dropped in Scott’s lap now, but I guess the Belgian will remain in secondary for awhile, giving time for the Rye to be bottled.Sleepytime Triple Wort

The first beer is a Belgian Triple, made with East Kent Goldings hops, candy sugar, Irish moss and dried chamomile…I’m not going to give the whole recipe, but I will boast that it had a starting gravity of 1.1.  We’re naming it Sleepytime Triple.

Amarillo on the boilThe second is a Red Rye, and the highlight of this beer is the Amarillo Red Rye Worthops!  The wort smelled wonderful, and I’m hopeful it turns out well (I’m such a fan of the Amarillo!)

 Breakfast StoutWe also sampled the Breakfast Stout clone (made in November.)  It is an oatmeal stout made with Kona and Sumatran coffees and dark and milk chocolates.  It was still really young, and the rich coffee flavors were pretty overwhelming.  I don’t mean that in a bad way…I really liked it…but I swear it could have used a touch of cream.


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  1. hi. i want to make a chamomile tripel…. so naturally i’m curious. how did yours turn out? too much chamo or not assertive enough? enough belgian character? sure like the idea!

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