8 Year-Old Adam

It is the end of an era…  On our second date, after a day on the lake, we stopped off at KClinger’s in Hanover.  D was eyeing up this 3-litre bottle (probably more than he was eyeing up Hair of the Dog Adamme!), and he bought it for, like, $100. or something ridiculous like that.  Ever since, it’s been properly stored in the cellar, just waiting for the moment to be enjoyed.

This past weekend, we spent time with some Beer Advocate folks at a party hosted by Matt and Grace.  It was a really enjoyable time with others who really appreciated the complexities and flavors of craft brewed beer.  I’ll write more about the party, but right now, I need to talk about our old friend Adam.

Everyone was asked to bring things to share to this party, and D decided D opens Adamwe should take Adam along.  I’ve been begging to drink it before it just goes bad, but admit I was reluctant to share it with strangers.  I’m so glad we did…we enjoyed it, and we enjoyed sharing it with such delightful beer enthusiasts.

Adam, from Hair of the Dog (Portland)  is a thick, viscous liquid that is dark in color. The mouthfeel of this treat was creamy and smooth – it coated the tongue and had very little carbonation. The taste was dark brown sugar, molasses, figs, dried plums, spice, and a hint of smokiness.  But not a bad smoky flavor (I don’t care for smoky beers…)  It was warm and sweet and an absolute delight.  Thanks to Hair of the Dog posting brew and bottle dates, we verified that our batch 37 beer was 7 years and 51 weeks old (from 1999; brewed on Feb. 17 and bottled on March 10.)

Well, here’s to eight more years!


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