NC Brewpubs on New Year’s Day

D and I visited two brewpubs on our trip back north on New Year’s Day. Unfortunately, I was in the first stages of some terrible ick, and certainly couldn’t enjoy them as much as I would have liked.

In fact, I hardly remember the Mash House (located near the Cross Creek Mall in Fayetteville, NC.)  I remember the Penn State game…that was awesome (and I don’t even like football!)…

And I remember that the waitress messed up my order (gave me a Root Beer instead of a Porter.)  And I remember that it was a terrific location – included a bar and game area with couches and comfy chairs; small area for smoking; fine dining area with white linens and cloth napkins; enclosed patio with fireplace furnished like our local Pizza Grille (steel and glass tables and chairs) – a little something for every taste.  Other than that, I don’t remember a whole lot.  If I ever find my notes, maybe I’ll repost.

I think I slept in the car most of the way to Ham’s in Greenville, NC.  It was rainy, I was feverish, and it was a really unpleasant trip.  But a nice place.  It had two bars and a dining area, a train overhead – I remember commenting on the Michelob Ultra coasters (that was too bad!), and the staff who didn’t really know much about beers.  But it must have been good enough because we tried just about everything (here are my incoherent notes):

Sunfest Lager; 5% ABV
GABF Gold (2006)
Munich-style Helles – fine to try once; don’t need it again

Charley’s Barkley; 6.2% ABV
GABF 2004 Bronze – a Scottish-style ale

Peg Leg Pale Ale; 6.4% ABV
Carolina Championship of Beer 2006 Silver
Dry hopped – nice flavor.

Buc-a-Nut Brown Ale; 4.2% ABV

Double Peg Leg Imperial IPA;8.1% ABV
82 IBUs – very malty with excellent hops retention; nice and complex, but could use an extra “bump”.

Bear Bottom Oatmeal Stout; 7.8% ABV
Served on nitro; had a nice roastiness and finished dry…lovely

After the pub, I was able to convince D to seek out the Lowe’s Foods #204, where they had plenty of the Duck-Rabbit Brown Ale to satisfy my Amarillo needs. 

And, sick I was, I still had a hankerin’ for some Que.  We stumbled upon Parkers on S. Memorial.  It was originally founded in Wilson in 1946, and is a full service vintage restaurant that specializes in Southern fried chicken and pork barbecue.  We had a nice southern dinner, and then headed north in the rain for lodging.


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  1. Just a reminder. The Carolina Brewery, of Chapel Hill fame, will be opening their second location in Pittsboro on Monday the 6th of August. They already have five beers made on a Specific Mechanical 15bbl system and plan to have the same menu. There is already a coffee/merch. shop next door “The Hopshop” with growlers available. It should be noted that the restaurant will only be serving dinner for the first two weeks.

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