Cindirene’s Southern Emporium, Ayden NC

In a search for Duck-Rabbit products, Paul and Ken suggested we try Cindirene’s because it was:

  1. most likely to have a selection of the seasonals
  2. a very cool place to buy beer
  3. near (mmmm mmmm!) barbecue

They were absolutely correct on most accounts.  Chuck Dunn, the owner, was a wonderful host and was gracious in sharing information about his amazing little store (and serving room!)  He found us some Porter, Barleywine and Wee Heavy, but, by no fault of his own, we couldn’t get the Brown Ale or the Milk Stout.  It’s a question of supply and demand, and there is a big demand for these beers!

If you’re ever in Ayden [okay – if you’re ever in Greenville or Snow Hill (inside joke for Mark’s sake!), it’s just down the road] Cinderine’s is a fun little place with a great variety of wines and beers from all over.  And since they can split cases in NC, he will mix and match.

Chuck pointed us away from Paul’s recommendation (Skylight Inn, which I’ve now read may be one of the best ‘cue spots in the world, however, according to one blog posting, that might be old news…some things have changed) and across the street to Bum’s.  I can’t find a website, but there is a link to the health department’s assessment (I’m glad I didn’t read it first!) and I found one website that praised Bum’s, and suggests it is owned by a relative of the now deceased owner of Skylight.

Bum’s was convenient, and we were hungry, so that’s mostly why we chose it.  But I’ll tell you what…this place had a hominess about it, the food was really good (D and I agree that the collard greens are the BEST we’ve ever had, and the peppery vinegar sauce was outstanding!)  We each got an order of barbeque with two sides, which also included a dense cornbread and a cornbread stick, and we had sweet tea.  It was extremely satisfying.  Welcome to North Carolina!


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