Happy Anniversary, Selin’s Grove!

The week was busy, and I didn’t get to Selin’s Grove as soon as I wanted to (like, in time be one of the first 120 beverage buyers and get an etched glass), but I did get there on the evening of the 23rd to fill growlers and enjoy a piece of anniversary cake!

The Razz Merry was on tap – it was tart and tasty, but there were a few other appealing beers that overshadowed it for me.  The X Solstice Dubbel Ale was the anniversary beverage – a blend of the ’03 and ’06 Dubbels.  The Chipolte Porter was back – I didn’t ask questions, but suspect they found some sitting around?  The Barleywine continues to be on tap (really nice as a blend with Razz Merry and the Triple!) 

But my new favorite Selin’s Grove beer is the Old Frosty IPA.  It’s a darker, higher alcohol IPA than what they usually serve.  The hop flavor and aroma were so intense and earthy.  Intuition tells me the Old Frosty is what was left after the firkin was filled…


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