Holiday Homebrew

Frothy boil!               Hops have been added.                     

Holiday shopping, decorating and baking?  Absolutely not.  The cards haven’t been purchased, the gift lists aren’t created (the tree is up – thanks to D.)  It’s been an amazingly busy December with work, more work, volunteer commitments and a little time with family (and then, more work!)  Myna and I aren’t even getting our daily recommended allowence of walking in these days.

BUT tonight I’m putting off bedtime because when I arrived home from work, the holiday brew (officially, I think we’re calling it Christmas Porter?) was waiting for me!

Scott and D traded off the bottles today, and he opened one.  I didn’t grab the camera when the foamy head was at it’s best, but this is a lovely dark beer with a light brown froth.  The maple, vanilla and cherry fruit flavors offset the maltiness.  Roasted notes of porter are present, and this beer is initially dry to the tongue, but finishes with a hint (just a hint!) of sweetness.  I am very impressed, and even though D let me drink the whole bottle, I wish we’d opened one of the bombers tonight.  Delicious!

Christmas Porter(all photos from the October 22 Brewing night) Stirring it up!


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