First Firkin Friday

I’m back-dating the time stamp on this post because I should have gotten it out ages ago (I’m just working too hard to post these days!)

Friday, December 1 was First Firkin Friday at Selin’s Grove Brewing Company.  I took the afternoon off from work to spend time with our friends and visit the pub.  I warmed up by drinking a pint of Organic Baltic Porter while playing a heated game of Chutes & Ladders with Ethan and Sydney (the traditional board game, not the drinking version.)

At 4 PM, Heather tapped the single firkin of Winter IPA, and in 95 minutes, that tasty brew was gone!  I understand it was crafted with Amarillo hops, which is probably why I was so fanatical about it.  It really was a beautiful beer.

We have photos – unfortunately on someone else’s camera – which I hope to post soon, and I was thrilled that my dad could join all of us.  We all really enjoyed this terrific once-in-a-lifetime beer, and I slept all the way home after two big beers…  Now we’re looking forward to the 10th anniversary celebration on December 21!

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