There’s a New Pub in Town

A few weeks ago, while walking down the street in search of sushi, we passed an old college hang-out of my friend Eric.  The Blessed Oliver Plunket had a cool name, and promising tudor fascade, but it was a dingy, dirty smoke-filled hole, and I personally never ate or drank there.

Well, we noticed someone open the door and we were nearly blinded by the bright, clean interior.  The light was shining through the latice work on the windows, and a new sign was hanging on the outside.  Alibi’s is the old Oliver Plunket all cleaned up!  So, today, Barbara and I tried it out for lunch.

They must have used Kilz on the walls to get out the smoke odor, and they completely refurbished the flooring.  The walls are creme color, chair rail to floor is black, and red accents abound.  It is classy and attractive, clean and smoke free.  I even pointed out there are round skylights, probably not seen in decades with the soot build-up.

The food was great – my steak salad had THE MOST tender strips of steak on it, and it was cooked to order.  The beer list was also pretty nice.  I was there during work hours, so I didn’t scrutinize it too hard, but I will be stopping in sometime soon for a Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, or something else tasty, very soon!

The staff were incredibly attentive, and everyone showed great concern with our satisfaction.  I was certainly impressed.  This will be my next stop for a beer in Carlisle, PA.

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