Social Bookmarking for Beer!

I was trying to find directions to the Sharp Edge Creek House (whose website is no longer available?!?!?), when I came across Coastr.  As a fan and prophet of Web 2.0 technologies, I was thrilled to find this.  I doubt I’ll have lots of time to contribute, but I added some sites tonight, and I will add it to the presentation I’ve been doing for libraries / librarians!


2 responses

  1. I work for the Sharp Edge, and we are aware of the website malfunction and are in the process of finding our from our web designer what is going on and where the website went… Sorry for the inconvenience!

  2. Speaking of Web 2.0, Sharp Edge Creek needs to scrap their website. In case they ever surf back here again, take it from someone who knows Pub Crawlin’s layout would be much more attractive than your websites current incarnation. No one is doing that “click here for slow computers” anymore. That is a sure fire way to get people to leave your website. Visit my website and talk to me if you want to know what you should be doing. My advice is free, designing and setting up a quality website is not.

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