For those about to drink…

Our weekend camping trip got rained out a bit, so rather than sit on top of a picnic table during the hail storm, we drove up to Southern Tier Brewing Company in Lakewood, NY.

We’ve been getting their stuff in bottles, so it was such a treat to get it on tap! We missed the 4:00 PM tour, but found a table in this small, pub. There isn’t much to it – Southern Tier is located in a clean industrial park. The Empty Pint tasting room has a couple of tables and a bar, and they will let you taste anything (sample serving in a large tasting glass.)

Heavy Weizen, an Imperial Hefe, was the beer of the day. YUMMM This was packed with flavor.

Phin & Matt’s Extraordinary Ale – an American Pale Ale that had more maltiness than I care for in an APA.

Blue Berry – a somewhat fragrant wheat beer that is made here for Ellicottville Brewing Company (whose website is more exciting than their beer…in fact, I couldn’t find a list of current beers there!) This one really didn’t have much going on at all.

Un-Earthly IPA – this Imperial IPA was WOW! Unfortunately, they couldn’t fill a growler for us, but how lucky we were to find it on tap, and purchase some bottles.
Heavy Weizen at Southern Tier

D at Southern Tier

Along with our bottles of Un-Earthly, we picked up six pack of Harvest Ale, a growler of IPA and a growler of Porter. The Porter was outstanding in flavor while low in alcohol, and as we’ve found with their bottled beers, the IPA was just perfect. The Harvest Ale was also really, really nice.
I have lots more to say, but a bed calling my name…maybe I’ll get back to this, maybe not…

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