Bourbon Barrel Beers Abound!

This weekend we stopped at Otto’s Pub & Brewing Company on our way to northwest PA. The choices were GREAT, and I was excited to see two Bourbon-aged beers on tap.

I immediately ordered the Bourbon-Aged Jolly Roger Imperial Stout (on the hand pump – how fabulous is that??), which is one of his great stouts – full of roasted maltiness, and pumped up with smokey chocolate flavors – but taken one step closer to the edge by aging it for 6 months in Elijah Craig 12-year barrels. It was 9% ABV, and you can see how beautiful it was below!

Bourbon-Aged Jolly Roger Imperial Stout at Otto's

D’s first beer was the Bourbon-aged Hellkat, a Belgian-style golden ale aged 6 months in Elijah Craig 12-year barrels (I see a trend…note my post on the Anniversary gift at Bullfrog.) ABV 8.4%

D drinks a Hellkat

We were also excited to try a new Otto’s beer (for us) – Aurthur’s Mild Ale – which was a true British-style mild coming in at 3.2% ABV. Low in alcohol, but pleasant in flavor.

I finished my day with Mt. Nittany Pale Ale, which is an American Pale Ale that measures 5% ABV. It’s brewed with Centennial hops, and hopbacked with Cascade [Hopback – A vessel that is filled with hops to act as a filter for removing the break material from the finished wort. – from] It has a spicy citrus aroma and a nutty malt flavor. I enjoyed it more than D’s mild, but I also know I can get it anytime I’m in the area.

We filled two growlers for the camping trip. The Apricot Wheat (ABV 4.7%), part of which ended up accompanying breakfast the next day, and the Double D IPA (ABV 8.1%).

Charlie may make one of the best Apricot Wheat beers I’ve ever had (I’m not a fan of fruited beers, but his has lead me to try Apricot Wheats all over America…his is certainly the gold standard!) Double D is an Imperial IPA made with Nugget, Palisade and Amarillo hops. It was good. It was really good. But there was just something that wasn’t quite perfect. I wish I could put my tounge on the flavor that was missing…


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