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How fitting that the guys at Craft Beer Radio did their latest show from the Anheuser-Busch 2006 Hop Harvest Tour on the VERY SAME DAY that I spotted this sign.  They say, “It was awesome to experience the harvesting of hops, and to see the scale of the operation. Of course there was beer during this event, and to our pleasant surprise we had some beers beers that would stand up to classic examples in their style.”  They don’t say they want this flavor “thereafter”!


3 responses

  1. If there’s one thing we’d love to clarify over and over, it’s how much Jeff and I absolutely despise Budweiser.

    However, especially after this trip, we have a tremendous respect for the people who make it. Odd, that.

    Anyway, we’ve had to defend ourselves a lot over this one (and that’s not entirely unexpected) but we honestly feel that it’s not our job to play politics here. If they produce some good beers (and they have), then that’s good for the industry, not bad. We talk about this more in our 51st episode (which should be out by the beginning of next week) but a lot of the doom and gloom about AB possibly pushing the little guys out of the craft beer industry doesn’t make sense. And if AB’s offerings give more people more incentive to experiment and try new styles, there’s every reason to expect them to start trying many, many new beers, not for them to only stick with AB’s versions.

  2. I’ve been listening to your show for a while now…somehow, I don’t see you becoming Bud Zombies : ) Thanks for letting us live the experience vicariously through you. Major piles of hops, Idaho scenery and hanging out with other beer lovers – I can’t imagine a better way to spend three days.

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