Top 50 Places to Have a Beer in America

I’ve actually known about this list since it came out, but I wasn’t blogging my beer trips back then. Since then (oh, probably only three weeks after the list came out), #37 closed it’s doors without warning to the public or the investors.

It’s interesting to see what the people on Beer Advocate have to say about KClinger’s Publik House (#37) – I would say everything is extremely accurate. It was absolutely amazing for quite some time, but bad business practice can’t be overcome. One review blames it on Rogue, but I’m not so sure of that. I’ve watched the owners deal badly with other situations, and I’m pretty certain this is a hole they dug themselves into.

I’m only a little bitter that we had both invested dollars and patron dollars tied up in the place, but the bright side is that both Pizza Port locations (Solana Beach and Carlsbad), as well as Grey Lodge Pub, Zeno’s, Victory and Town Hall technically move up on the list. Too bad they aren’t in my backyard!

I think I’ll head up to #13 now…


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