We Missed the Beer Geek Roundtable

To our friends who thought they’d listen to D and I talk about beer with Jeff and Greg on Craft Beer Radio:

Sorry…  There was a misunderstanding about the date for the Beer Geek Roundtable, and we missed out.  There was also a misunderstanding on the capacity of Skype users, so we might have missed out anyway.  So I’ll just drink the beers and maybe get caught up on my blog postings tonight. 

My line-up (and none of it has seen the light of day yet, so it’s sure to be fresh!) was Sea Dog Apricot Wheat; Founder’s  Rubaeus; Lake Placid Ubu Ale; Southern Tier IPA and King’s Mocha Java Stout (from Pontiac, MI.)  Since they are all out and properly chilled, I might as well enjoy a few of them.

Maybe there will be a next time for CBR?  For those who have started listening (Scott, Brett…I’m talking to you!) – keep the faith!


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