Oh Canada! (Good birds and Great Beer – Bushwakker!!)

We crossed the border into Montana and spent the morning birding at Medicine Lake NWR (I had terrific looks at my lifer Baird’s Sparrow, heard (and saw Sprague’s Pipit displaying and there were Marbled Godwits everywhere – lots of good birds on this large expanse of habitat!)

Then it was on to Regina, Saskatchewan where we enjoyed a long lunch at Bushwakker Brewing Company.  Mitch, the brewer, gave us a great tour with a taste of a few things to come.  This place is TERRIFIC!  I’ll get details posted later.  I have SO much to say about it.  This place was absolutely worth the trip.

Tonight we’re sleeping in Brandon, Manitoba (we slipped off to Douglas last night to listen to Yellow Rail in the marsh – another life bird for me, if I count “heard birds”), and searching for a route home.  We’ll probably go across the top of Lake Superior and drop down through Michigan.We’re at 17.5 hours of daylight, but D says we can sleep in tomorrow!


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