75th Street Brewery (Lawrence, KS)

From Free State, we headed a few miles away to 75th Street Brewing, which is named for the original location in Kansas City.  This is one of several restaurant and brewing operations under an umbrella ownership, but each has it’s own brewer and own level of style.  I had been to the Kansas City location of 75th Street in 2001, as well as one of the Barley’s locations.  They were memorable, but not the sort of place I’d drive out of my way to try. The Lawrence location of 75th Street has a sports bar atmosphere – lots of televisions – and a really interesting round raised ceiling.  I was getting pretty tired (sleepy and full), so I tried a sample platter of everything they had to offer.  Again, so excited to be with our friend Tim, and so tired from the trip, I took no notes on the beer.  We did enjoy a loaf of spent grain bread with porter butter! 

That night they carried:

  • Cow Town Wheat (5.72% ABV; 9 IBU)

  • Royal Raspberry Wheat (5.25% ABV; 9 IBU) – winner of 1995 GABF Bronze

  • Good Hope IPA (6.4 ABV; 52 IBU)

  • Possum Trot Brown Ale (5.98 ABV; 21.5 IBU) – winner of 1997 GABF Gold and 1998 IWBF Bronze

  • Berry Brown

  • Alt

  • Red

Unfortunately, an electrical problem at our original sleeping location kept us from going out to “the farm” for our first night, so we headed into Topeka to stay at Tim’s mom’s house.  D and I were amazed at the fireworks displays along the highway (in PA, you can’t just shoot off those sorts of fireworks anywhere!)  In every direction, the fireworks were sparkling around us.  Even on neighborhood streets – in front of houses and parked cars – people were lighting them off.  It was the most bizarre thing to me. 

We did try to make a stop off at the Blind Tiger – just to get it out of the way – but they closed early due to lack of patronage.  We were exhausted, so it was okay with us, but we heard great things about Blind Tiger as a brewpub and looked forward to trying again on Tuesday. 

In Topeka, “mom” took great care of us, and we slept so comfortably after our loud night in Iowa City.  The fireworks calmed down, and despite a horrendous thunderstorm that brought much needed rain and a real change to the hot and humid weather, we slept straight through the night.  In fact, D slept in longer than I’ve ever known him to!  Good thing we could have a relaxed morning with Tim and his mom!


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