Bilbo’s Pizza & Brewing (Kalamazoo, MI)

On a whim, we stopped in at Bilbo’s Pizza and Brewing – we were driving down out of town and saw it across the street from Western Michigan University.  Voted best pizza in Kalamazoo, our parting thought was, “it’s a good thing they have great pizza and guest taps!” (Read no more if you are interested in learning about their beers!)

The very nice guy behind the bar talked to us about the beers they make at Bilbo, and gave us samples of the three available that day (we were there at Happy Hour, so all pints of Bilbo’s brews were only $2.)  The choices were Wizard Wheat (an American Wheat), Dragon Red and Sledgehammer – in my opinion, they all tasted pretty much the same, but D was a good sport and ordered a pint of the Sledgehammer.I was moments away from ordering a “pop”, but D recognized New Holland’s Mad Hatter and suggested I try that (bartender-guy served it to me saying it is his favorite!)  It was excellent – so much better than anything Bilbo was making – but I knew that both of us finishing beers would be a bad idea, so I passed most of it off to D so I could drive us on to Grand Rapids.


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