The Golden Triangle of Beer (PA)

We’ve dubbed it “the golden triangle of beer” in central PA because you can conceivably visit all three of these places in a one day drive. If you really want to enjoy them, however, get a room at the Gennetti Hotel in Williamsport and make an overnight trip out of it!

Selin’s Grove Brewing Company in Selinsgrove ranks in my book as the best brewpub in the country (considering all factors – beer, food, atmosphere, personnel, location, etc.) America must not disagree too much, as it was ranked #13 on BeerFly’s Top 50 Places to Have a Beer in America. Steve and Heather are brilliant brewers, and the pub is fabulous. This past weekend they put on a Chipolte Porter, and prior to that a Mai-Bock, and a Russian Imperial Stout (aged 5 years – first brewed for the birth of his son.) Captain Selin’s Cream Ale knocks all other cream ales out of the water. Saint Fillin’s Barlywine is a November treat (often available with vertical tasting!) Whether it’s IPA on cask, Penn’s Kriek, Stealth Triple, Snake Drive Stout…they get every style right every time.

Bullfrog Brewery in Williamsport: Terry is always brewing bold and creative things; right now they have a Vanilla Bean Brown on tap (described as: Luscious caramel, cocoa, toffee and of course vanilla round out the flavors of this nut brown ale. Using half a pound of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla beans creates a silky, silky smooth treat that you won’t know whether to drink or to eat.(5.7% ABV)) This has become a favorite for our extended family of beer drinkers. His Edgar IPA is a fabulous for hop heads, and his Apricot Wheat is a summertime favorite.

Otto’s Pub and Brewery in State College: A few years ago, Charlie left Bullfrog to open Otto’s, where you can always count on finding some of his standard brews, rotating seasonal/special beers (right now it includes Sumatra Stout – a dry stout brewed with Mandeling Coffee) and something on cask at all times (right now that is Bourbon Aged Old Fugget and Arthur’s Best Bitter) Every Friday, a fresh firkin is tapped.


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  2. Whew! Just linked to my own story and realized it is in need of some serious updating! The Golden Triangle of Beer can no longer be done safely in a single-day drive. We’ve got production breweries in Danville (Old Forge), Williamsport (Bavarian Barbarian), South Duboistown(Abbey Wright), Millheim (Elk Creek) and Millmont (Copper Kettle). And more to come!

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